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We believe in the fullest potential of every human being.

We believe that it is possible to reconnect to it through INCLUSION, INTEGRATION and EMPATHY.


Our Vision

“Every human being is a miracle with extrordinary possibilities”

Rolando Toro


Grounding Essence unites Yoga, Biodanza and Mindful Communication to a powerful healing art.

The diversity of these techniques is an enrichment with high potential for personal growth.

Healing can occur by reconnecting to your body, heart and

mind in your own way, in this moment of your life.


Grounding Essence is a holistic, inclusive and benevolent healing approach. We love to witness your personal journey and to see your potential coming alive.


Join us to

- reconnect to your inner strength.

- discover the power of empathy.

- feel the joy of your body in movement,

and you´ll find
-  the joy of being yourself

-  guidance and support from experienced facilitators

-  a safe space for your personal experience.

Yoga will connect you with your inner self, your unique being.

Mindful Comunication establishes a profound connection with your needs and with the best ways to realize your dreams.

Biodanza will transform your connection with yourself and with others, in the beautiful dance of life. 


Grounding Essence invites us to listen to ourselves and to others. We encourage you to discover and to embrace your full potential by developing an attitude of selfcare and generosity towards yourself.

Three rivers flowing into one powerful sea

The facilitators


“ If we manage to listen to us - as brothers and sisters while creating this work - we will be able to listen to everybody”.  Norbert


We are Norbert, Monika and Barbara Schluderbacher living and working in Italy, Ireland and France. We are mums, a dad, a grandmother and we happen to be brothers and sisters.

Born and raised in Italy, we walked off in different directions to come together, here and now, to offer you this healing work.


Gathering skills from various disciplines we work as

-  Biodanza teacher,  Kashmiri massage facilitator, businessman

-  Yoga teacher, physiotherapist.
-  Mindful Communication therapist, instructor and therapist
   in Médecine Symbolique ©.

In this Grounding Essence retreat we are here so that you can just be, listen, move, feel, connect to the group and slow down.




For me Biodanza was love at first sight.

As a poetry of movement, Biodanza harmonizes body, mind,  and heart. You connect playfully with your fellow human beings, through music, dance and well organized exercises.

Harmony is getting closer, listening, moving and enjoying what we find, inside and around.

I was born in Bolzano in 1959

and live now close to Bologna, in Italy.

Teacher and instructor (didacta) of Biodanza with specialisation in shamanism, sexuality and gender, leading weekly groups and workshops since 1994 and working as a teacher in schools for Biodanza operators. 

Trained in Kashmiri massage.



Founder of Earth Sea Sky Yoga.

Yoga is my passion and I love to share it with you.

Earth Sea Sky Yoga encourages you to practice in a gentle and mindful way.

The yoga sequences are inspired by nature and the seasons.

Born in 1961 in the alps of northern Italy I grew up immersed in two languages and cultures, learning that different cultures are a gift, an enrichment for life.


Out of love for movement I trained as a physiotherapist and worked as such in Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Full time mum of 3.

Yoga teacher training in Greece in 2004.

In 2008, following a calling, I moved to the Aran Islands/Ireland where I live and work since.

Inspired by nature I founded EARTH SEA SKY YOGA, a mindful and deep yoga style. All year round I am teaching Earth Sea Sky Yoga in retreats and yoga classes on the Island


Mindful Communication

Mindful Communication taught me how to live more peacefully with myself and with others.

Practical exercises will show you how to be more aware of yourself, your mind, your emotions and your needs. The power of mindfulness and empathy will help you to improve your relationships at home and at work. Mindful Communication reconnects us to our inner wisdom. It enhances authenticity, cooperation and courage.

In 2001 I discover “Nonviolent Communication” developed by Marshal Rosenberg; it was a real life changing event.
Mother of three kids and working full time I understand how helpful and important empathy is at home and at work!

Since 2005 I work as instructor in Mindful Communication for:
- individuals
- associations to improve teamwork
- teachers, parents and children
- therapists and care staff

What former guests say about their experience

“ In a magic place I experienced a powerful union of Biodanza, Yoga and Mindful Communication. I was able to reconnect to my strength and confidence”. 


Daniela from Italy

"I felt immediately safe, secure and accepted.

BE: not defining myself and others by their DOING, by their work, but simply BEING together and for themselves.
Delicious food, Italian tavolata in Ireland!
Astonishment, how much is set in motion by practicing the exercises of different disciplines without turning on the head.
Practicing is the essential. The amazement & recognition follows"

Lilly from Switzerland

'The 4-day retreat was AMAZING... Each of the siblings has a unique field of expertise that brings a wonderful variety to each day of the course. Collectively they share a gift for listening, facilitation and moving the process forward. It was a privilege to be part of their 'workshop family' - a very inclusive space but never intrusive. Oh and being Italian they are all SUPERB cooks and bring vegetarian eating to gourmet level! Meals were complemented by great conversation and there was space for individual quiet time during the day as well. I highly recommend their special approach.'


Bernardine from Ireland

“I spent 3 amazing days that were orchestrated by the enthusiasm of 2 sisters and one brother. They supported each of us to discover and share our passion.

An athmosphere of joy, welcome, tenderness, empathy and connectedness made this retreat a full success”


Carole from Switzerland


Join us for our 2020 retreat in Italy
Journey to your essence
15-18. October

Fonte dei Fiori (Montatiate PU)

Relax deep inside

​After a light breakfast we start with a Yoga class in the stunning nature of the italian appeninos, followed by a practical session of Mindful Communication with Barbara where we work on our heart-mind-connection.

The afternoons are dedicated to Biodanza and concluded by a guided relaxation.


All our delicious meals are vegetarian and prepared with local organic ingredients.

Fonte dei fiori haus.jpg

How we spend our day


9-10am  YOGA


1pm LUNCH and free time


5.30-6-30pm  YOGA and MEDITATION

7pm  DINNER and free time

On the day of arrival we start at 5pm

On the departure day we end around 3pm.

Fonte dei Fiori

The perfect environment for a deep breath of italian nature.

Fonte dei Fiori invites you to forget about everyday stress and enjoy the beauties of nature from this lovely terraced site, overlooking valleys, leading to the sea and upwards toward the Apennine​.

Interno fonte dei fiori.jpg

Details of the Retreat you might want to know before spending three days with us:

  • You are going to enjoy three sessions each day with a lunch break and free evenings.

  • We have space for 20 people in single and shared rooms. Some are en-suite, others have a shared bathroom.

    We provide vegetarian meals.

  • Our workshops are held in English. Depending on the people in the group we are happy to talk German, Italian and French too.

If you fly into Bologna: Please allow up to three hours across the beautiful country to you get to Fonte dei Fiori.

To secure a place a deposit of 150 Euro is required. The deposit is non-refundable.


Prices Workshop

early bird, until 30.7.2020

300€ for 3 days of tuition

fom 30.7.2020 onwards

350€ for 3 days of tuition


Prices Accommodation

Room and full board per night, incl. taxes and charges

shared room guesthouse 50€ pp

two people in bedroom 55€ pp

two people in camper 50€ pp

one person in camper 55€

Do you want to know more?


We’d love to hear from you.

Call Norbert at +39 335 347122

write at


2020 grounding essence

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